04.03.2024 - Searching for a new home

We have closed the doors to our motorcycle garage on Laplandsgade for the last time and hugged our neighbors goodbye. It's been an incredibly rewarding and exciting time as part of Lappen and we simply couldn't have dreamed of a more amazing place to start the community around Ny Lille Klub.

We are filled with optimism and excitement about what the near future will bring. Tomorrow we have our first community meeting out of the house and rumor says that several events are already on the table!

We start with a round of "In the studio" this Thursday, 7 March, with Lorenzo Senni as our guest. He has promised to bring a synthesizer in his suitcase from Milan and he is looking forward to talking about his creative processes and most useful tools. We're certainly looking forward to it! More on the location to follow.  

Ny Lille Klub